Friday, 31 May 2013

recounting this week's blessings...

It's hard to believe another week has hurried by, but it's friday, and so I guess it has. 
Looking back, I don't even really know where the days have gone.
They all sort of blend into each other lately...

But of course there's been good times, ok times, (not so ok times), and better times. 
And since it's friday, I thought it might be a nice idea to sit down together 
and re-count our blessings of the week.
And what better way to do that, 
then to remember the very best moment of the week? 

I'll go first: 
For me the best moment of the week happened on monday afternoon.
It was warm and the boys were playing outside on the balcony.
Usually their favourite balcony game is throwing ALL their rubber building blocks 
down off the terrace onto the courtyard below. 
If after that, I don't hurry down to fetch them, 
they will simply move on to any other toy that fits through the gaps.
But this time, the wind had blown the sun curtains onto the balcony, 
creating the perfect set for a whole new game...
For the next twenty minutes, I watched my babies play peekaboo,
and giggle like little monkeys. 

Needless to say my mother heart melted...
So yes. That was the best of this week.
The worst was when I took Emile to the pediatrician 
because I thought he had a throat infection, which turned out to be a couple of teeth cutting.
But hey, it can't all be sunshine and giggling babies, can it now?!
So, that was mine. And now it's your turn.
What was your very best moment of the week?


little macaroon. said...

What a gorgeous photo! My best moment was when my wee girl shouted "Mummy, the blue poppies have opened!". Not sure what makes me happier; the meconopsis themselves, or the fact that she found it as exciting as I did! :-)

Pigtails said...

Priceless moments so beautifully captured!

youngmi said...

oh my goodness, what a sweet moment. my favorite moment so far this week was when my husband came home from a weekend trip. i pretty much skipped to the door to welcome him home :P

pilli pilli said...

Thanks for sharing girls!
It's so good to remember the good things!
And even better t share them, because your happy moments even put a smile on my face!
Sooo... how about we do this more often?!

domestikate said...

I know I'm late joining in, just catching up on all my blogs and loved this post too much not to comment. My favourite moment of this week so far was snuggling up to watch To Rome With Love with my boyfriend, and reminiscing about our wonderful trip to Rome last year. Of course I'm now longing to go back again!

pilli pilli said...

Don't worry Domestikate!
It's NEVER too late to remember the good times!
Thanks for stopping by!