Wednesday, 1 February 2012

beware the knitter-bug

As large parts of Europe (including Italy) are gearing up 
for some extraordinarily cold days,
this is how I plan to keep myself warm and busy:

I finished knitting the second bow-tie vest for my boys this weekend 
and it looks like I have been seriously bitten by the knitter-bug,
because I have already started working on a new project!
This time I'm trying my hand at a set of wrap-around vests.
 I always find that they look really adorable, 
plus I was told by a truly experienced mummy
that they're incredibly handy for dressing small babies, 
so there you go...

 I haven't got a pattern, but I'm using a little T-Shirt for guidance,
and I found a very easy to follow tutorial video 
on how to increase and decrease stitches on this amazing website,
which is really helpful now that I'm trying to knit a shape with a diagonal edge...

Oh my! 
I never thought knitting for babies would be this much fun, BUT IT IS!!!
Especially since you get really quick results...
And on top of that -and this is a really good one-
you can make things as bright and happy as you like,
because you just KNOW that they won't refuse to wear it once you're done!!


Anonymous said...

de kou die hebben we hier al:vannacht tot -10° en in de ardennen tot-15°. daarbovenop een stevig windje en het voelt als -20° Het breiwerk zit dus in de lift voor dit week-end. Ook ik heb nog wat ideetjes op stapel staan.Maar eerst nog wat wol bijkopen en dan weer aan de slag.Jou project ziet er alvast mooi uit voor wat betreft de kleurtjes.Benieuwd naar het resultaat. knuffels.mam

Heidi / I'm with Leia said...

Love the colour - I'm hooked on knitting too - just perfect for nap time - especially now when it's so cold.

Sara said...

I love that colour!!!

pinkgreen said...

I'm now hooked on knitting having struggled with it for several years and always resorting to crochet which I have done since I was a child. It is definitely something to do in the cold weather!! Stay warm! XX

Tatkis said...

Yarn colours are so cute and bright!
Hope to see your knitting creations finished very soon! :)


Happybee said...

Love your yarns!!!!!
here it's sooooo cold too and...I'm going to do some crocheting today...
Happy cold week end!!!
ciao, Dany